Global Jesuit Business Ethics Conference

For the third of three Jesuit global conferences on the teaching of business ethics,

and for the 2019 meeting of the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (USA):

The Ethics of Disruption: New Technologies

and New Governance Structures

July 11-13, 2019

Location: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA USA

Check back to register on February 1st at 8am PST

In partnership with The Gov. Jose B. Fernandez Jr. Ethics Center at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines (host 2017) and the Lassalle-Institute, Kanton Zug, Switzerland (host 2018).

Disruptive technologies are ones that by definition alter the way we live and do business. As a result, we face distinctive and underexplored questions in ethics and business. For example: How can meaning in work be preserved as jobs, tasks, and roles increasingly become automated? What rights do individuals have with respect to data collected about themselves? How can organizations increase the willingness of users to trust disruptive technologies (e.g. the willingness of patients to trust a robotic surgical system that may be more effective than a human surgeon)? How can we assess the trustworthiness of organizations promoting new technologies? How can our current understanding of property rights make sense of user data? How can we make sense of privacy and consent in the era of big data? And so on.

The purpose of this conference is in part to examine how the Ignatian tradition and Catholic Social Teaching can enrich the teaching of business ethics in general, and topics related to the ethics of disruption in particular.  But submissions need not all be from a Jesuit perspective. We welcome contributions from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives including, but not limited to business ethics, strategy, organizational behavior, marketing, finance, law, engineering, neuroscience, public policy, entrepreneurship, philosophy, religion, history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc. 

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